artist painting plein air
Artist painting in the park
boston artist winning an award

Paint With Me Boston


Run by local artist Elena Stoeva


My name is Elena and I am originally from Sofia, Bulgaria.
I came to the US in 2001 with a dream to drive a bus on Nantucket  and then continue my education in Business and Economics. I was very adventurous and I did it all. I drove for NRTA (Nantucket Regional Transportation Authorities) and also a taxi in my spare time.
I graduated UMass Boston in 2005 and worked as a tax accountant for the following 5 years for PWC and Fidelity. At the end I realized this path is not meant to be, I quit my job and enrolled in art school. I graduated from MassArt, Boston with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2017, and have been committed to art ever since.
I love doing what I do, because I also get a chance to connect with people. I am very social and need human interaction  (which is why I loved driving the bus too)! At the same time, I can spend long hours alone painting in my studio.

Check out my current and past exhibits, my publications and achievements here.