This Business is Uniquely Run by Fine Artist 

- Elena Stoeva, who has instructed paint parties for over 200 clients.   

Private (Virtual) Paint Parties

Corporate Events | Holiday Parties | Birthday Parties | Bachelorette Parties | Fundraisers and more!


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Hosting A Private Event 

How does it work?


All virtual classes are held via Zoom meeting. 

  1. Guests are able to have their videos on/off as desired, and chat using messages and voice. We keep it fun and interactive!

  2. Materials.  We deliver or provide links to online stores. 

  3. We do the demo with acrylic paint, but any medium and surface works. We ask at the beginning of class what everyone is using and provide additional directions if needed.

  4. We show you the painting step by step and how to mix your colors. We provide tips along the way for also using non conventional materials for painting, which you are likely to find at home. For example Q-tips and a dish sponge.

  • We hope in the future we can bring all painting materials and expertise to your home, office or location of your choice.

  • We walk you through painting your own masterpiece step by step and make sure no one is left behind.

  • We design a painting specific to your occasion. ​

  •  Your quote depends on your group size, location and the painting/project you select

  •  Painting lasts about 2 hours.

  •  Set up 1-2 hrs depending on group size. (in-person)​

Hosting A Fundraiser

  •  Your guests will be able to purchase tickets directly from our website. 

  • We will design and provide a flyers or invite (electronic version) to promote your event and invite guests.

   Any questions? Do not hesitate to email or call.