Fire & Wine - Try this at home! 🍷 🔥

painted with red wine, candle and stick
Painting with fire and wine - diy

What you need:

1. Red Wine *

2. Sandwich Picks

3. Candle*

4. Paper

5. Small brush

* Kids: replace wine with pomegranate or beet juice

* Kids: only use with adult supervision

how to paint with red wine and a candle.
Your materials: candle, red wine, brush, wooden stick


- Light up the candle and pour some red wine/red juice in a small container.

- Use the candle to light up the sandwich pick and blow it out.

- A nice, soft charcoal will result. Use it to draw out your tree.

- Once you use up the charcoal repeat the process.

*If you are unable to blow out flame, dip the sandwich pick in the wine immediately to put it out*

Draw out your tree using fun organic lines. Notice how it gets wider where the trunk and branches emerge.

Use the small brush to paint your heart blossom using red wine/beet/pomegranate juice.

Tip: it just takes a few seconds for the charcoal to form.

Be patient, repeat and enjoy the process!

Would love to see a picture of your fire and wine drawing!!

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