Walking Into 2021...

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I am grateful for all my wonderful clients, who have supported me in the past year of challenges and learning.

In 2020 I Learned:

How to effectively work remotely and still provide the best experience possible.

Today, I focus on positivity, and think about all the advantages of connecting virtually. Yes to crossing the borders of zip codes and even continents. We had painters from Denmark, England, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Canada, just to name a few.

I had the opportunity to organize corporate events for 100+ participants, which would have been a challenge to execute in person, with everyone located in different states, countries and time zones.

You were able to watch me paint full screen and have a close up of the smallest possible detail. Some of you even projected my class on a large screen TV for your entire family to enjoy.

Without A Doubt I Miss:

Walking into your home or office, fully loaded on paints and canvases and ready for a live show! I admit this was part of my exercise routine, which I now try to replace with packing and shipping your painting materials and with long walks! This was another learning experience for me - how to work with suppliers and shipping companies to make sure all your packages get delivered to you on time.

You Have My Promise:

In 2021 I will continue to provide the best service possible in every aspect of working with me. From providing you with clear and detailed information of what to expect, meeting you on Zoom for a quick chat when you need it, designing your painting to make it special and personal to your occasion, and showing up for you prepared to share my experience and positive energy every single time.

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